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Nail Trimming  available as walk-in                 $15

(difficult dogs $20)

* Full Service
  Professional Grooming
        (appointment required)
For Dogs and Cats
We provide individual care and attention and feature top quality products, equipment and service.
All pets are groomed on a one on one basis. Pets are dropped off for their grooming appointment and are picked up as soon as they are done.

* All appointments include

Bath and fluff blow dry - no cage dryers

Brush out and / or hair clipping in appropriate style

Sanitary clip

Nails clipped and filed for a smooth edge

Ears cleaned


Anal Glands expressed - additional charge

All of our shampoos, conditioners, coat sprays, etc are top quality and suitable for most coats and skin types. 


Teeth Brushing




Don't forget to visit our Retail Area



where we stock a wide variety of pet products including: 



* fresh, home made biscuits

* Collars and  Leashes

* Treats and Toys

* Frontline

* Seresto Collars