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Absolutely the best groomers around! DakotaErth always looks and smells the best when the girls are finished with him. And those feathers...well those feathers are fantastic.   Kim G


Today our sweet, old lady spent a few hours being pampered at Pet Bath and Beyond. She was a perfect lady and made new friends all around. Her paperwork from her owner said she doesn't like her nails trimmed and they were extremely long, so long they were affecting her walking. Well the wonderful girls at PBB trimmed her nails with no muzzle needed. Sable was patient for her bath and the long, long process of getting her looking like a proper Shepherd. The hair was literally flying, so much dead hair removed from her it was just insane. She loved the blower thing which was good because she needed much blowing. Sable is now enjoying a rest with her shadow Deucalion, who also enjoyed getting a bath today while we waited. Sable would prefer the bed to herself but has accepted for whatever reason Deucalion is her little mini me. Anyone who hasn't visited Pet Bath and Beyond should check it out. They were awesome with Sable's grooming but their self serve bathing is a super great too, especially in the winter. While Sable enjoyed her spa session I bathed, conditioned, nail clipped and ear cleaned the rest of the pack. Everyone smells great and feels great.....and it was all at such a great rate. I am so grateful for their hard work on Sable tho, I can not even express how much better she looks and feels. She has a new pep in her step and even had a little play session with the other dogs when we got home. We love our old lady, she has definitely stolen the hearts of all who meet her. Dani N



Pet, Bath and Beyond is THE PLACE to take your pet if you are looking for a clean facility, the best of groomers, personal one-on-one care, and the same love and attention you show your pet.  There aren't a bunch of other dogs in your dog's face intimidating him or her, dogs barking from cages, AND your dog doesn't have to be there for hours.  I've tried several other places and NONE compare to Pet, Bath and Beyond.  Best of all, my cockapoo, Bentley, looks forward to his "woofle" treat from their little shop when I pick him up!

Michele Bevins, Camp Hill

 Hi. I wrote to you awhile back about my dog and my son's dog. My dog, Noel, has been dealing with an ear infection and back problems before and so he was long overdue for a grooming but his ears were so sensitive, I worried how they would be cleaned and cut. I was just there today with Noel and I just wanted to tell you that I was very happy with Maria. She did such a wonderful job with what she had to work with - he looks and feels great. He has been jumping around all happy and doing his happy dance. He finally fell asleep exhausted. What a very pleasant day and it is so good having someone knowing what they are doing and knowing how to handle a dog that is scared of groomers after bad experiences and with very sore/sensitive ears. Maria was awesome and I will most definitely highly recommend your shop. My son will soon be making an appt for his shih tzu. I just happen to be off work today because I am having my own health issues so I figured I would try to get in today and luckily she had an opening. I am so glad. I can tell he feels so much better.
Thank you so much,

"I was so thrilled to have a quiet, clean place to bring Marshall. After his bad start in life, things should be easy for him. Your self serve wash is perfect for my shy foster baby." Fran, Worthy Tails Animal Rescue
"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your facility.  Having a 95 pound dog makes quite the task for giving him a bath in our tub.  It was so easy and convenient.  I look forward to using your tubs again!  Thanks again.
Happy Holidays.
Naomi D."
"I just wanted to let you know that I love your services.  I think you offer a great idea with the self service area and I think your spa packages are adorable.  I have brought all three of my dogs for nail trimmings and you are both so patient with them.  We’ve had trouble finding someone that they enjoy going to.  I recommend you to all of my doggy friends."     Janna Hahn
"WE LOVE your place....We brought the mastiff in yesterday!  The young lady was so helpful!"   Zara

We own an older mixed female dog, Kay, and a rambunctious 2.5 year old labradoodle, Sam.  These dogs are happy at Pet Bath and Beyond.  There is no stress and the staff does a great job lovin’ on them.  The staff is kind, knowledgeable and absolutely the friendliest ever.  We use the grooming services and really depend on the self-service bathing as well.  Glad we found you!

David & Diane Good


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